Wednesday, August 3, 2011

[LIFE] top 10 ways to avoid reading top 10 tip lists

  • when you encounter a top 10 tip list purporting to improve the way in which you do X, consider whether X is something you want to be able to do efficiently. if it isn't, simply stop reading.
  • consider that the effort you put into reading a top 10 tip list only pays off if you actually find yourself in situation X often enough that you need an efficient way to deal with it.
  • remember, you can stop reading top 10 tip lists after the first few tips if you think those tips pretty much cover all the bases. top 10 tip lists are usually arranged from the most helpful tip to the least helpful tip.
  • if you still find yourself reading too many top 10 tip lists, perhaps you are trying for too much efficiency in too many aspects of your life. most people get by fine without reading all that many top 10 tip lists.
  • sometimes it helps to give yourself a gentle reminder that there are more important tasks in your life that may be in more urgent need of your attention than reading top 10 tip lists.
  • keep in mind that you can always stop reading. reading is a voluntary activity and a choice.
  • your (clearly compulsive) reading of top 10 tip lists may be stemming from an anxiety or dormant fear of being placed in a situation where you must rapidly master a complex, unfamiliar task. unless you are James Bond, you may find reassurance in contemplating the rarity of such situations.
  • it may help to imagine yourself in a scenario in which reading a top 10 tip list causes an adverse outcome. for example, imagine yourself being fired after reading a top 10 tip list on how to demand a higher wage.
  • if all else fails, seek professional help for your top 10 tip list reading addiction.
  • to be honest, I'd much rather you hadn't read this far. clearly your compulsion is out of control. it may help to read each tip over again from the beginning and ask yourself whether you have sincerely tried to apply it with an open mind.

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